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Commissions 8 items

The Necessary Angel Keswick, has a reputation for creating unique handmade jewellery. Deborah Cowin, our designer jeweller, has a passion for creating individual jewellery to commission.

The commission process

1. Once the concept is discussed the design is sketched out and then carved from a special wax.
2. The wax carving is packed tightly into a special sand mixture and melted out to leave an impression, in to which precious metal is poured to make a cast.
3. The rough cast is finished using ever finer grades of emerythen polished to a high shine.
4. Diamonds and other precious stones are set into metals using different tecniques this particular setting is called grip set.
5. The inner surface of this setting was given a lustre finish which enhances the brilliance of the Diamond. WOW!!

Every piece is unique-just like her customers!

Deborah´s speciality is diamonds, having trained as a diamond grader in Antwerp. She can source the most spectacular loose diamonds in all shapes and sizes and even colours meaning you can choose your very own perfect stone.
If you would like the opportunity to meet with Deborah to sketch out your ideas, just give us a ring here at The Necessary Angel and we will set up an appointment where you can see your dreams become a reality!